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Advisory Archive

Date Rubygem Title
2021-05-28 ethon Stale socket leak in Ethon
2021-04-15 rgeo Memory Leak using `#invalid_reason`
2020-07-10 grape Memory leak in grape
2020-06-24 sidekiq-pro Leak in sidekiq when workers have unhandled exceptions
2016-04-25 redis Memory leak due to Timeout creating threads on each invocation.
2015-10-09 sidekiq Memory Leak in Sidekiq::Manager#real_thread
2015-09-15 sidekiq-statistic Memory Leak since timeslist does not expire
2015-09-11 redcarpet Memory Leak in Redcarpet::Render::Base
2015-08-31 celluloid Memory Leak using Celluloid::Future
2015-04-18 oj Memory Leak using
2015-04-08 net-http-persistent Memory leak in thread connection pool of net-http-persistent
2015-03-31 therubyracer Memory leak in WeakValueMap
2012-12-27 grape Memory leak in formatter middleware
2012-03-21 zipruby Heap overflow, information leak